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Synthetic Cannabis Drug Trial Results in Hospitalization and Death

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4 Responses

  1. Orenda says:

    And … Monsanto is working quickly on a GMO version, so the strains can be tainted and farmers sued for growing Monsanto’s seed unknowingly, just like they did with corn. Then it will be legalized Federally, when the GMO seeds are ready and semi-viable.

  2. Jill says:

    Orensa, can you site where this is occurring?
    What state, what labs, under what tempature?
    Any certified docs?

  3. Lloyd Kennedy says:

    “Why would they do this when cannabis is non-toxic and effective?”
    The simple answer is that pharmaceutical companies cannot patent a naturally growing plant. It would be like trying to patent a rhinoceros. Hence these psychopaths will go to any lengths in their quest to generate ever more profit.

  4. phyllis says:

    Israel is the leader in Marijuana research for the past 50 years. They want to make lots of money as a prime reason for this research and no doubt will produce products that in the end will be harmful to people as a hidden effect from long term use. The natural product is a health benefit and the THC is a benefit to the psyche of humans. This world is experiencing a deliberate effort of governments trying to make sure that the public suffers long and hard until someone introduces euthanasia as legal across the world. People will simply choose to die rather than suffer from the food, drugs, water, air, and physical pains introduced by an entity that wants people dead.

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