Sir Patrick Stewart urges cannabis treatment for boy with epilepsy

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  1. Wow! I’m so glad Richard Branson is onboard. Maybe he’ll make things move faster. That poor little boy. I’ve seen stories of SO many cases where people AND animals who have been having multiple seizures….. some over 300 times per week!!!!….have been given pure CBD oil and their seizures have gone down to maybe 1 or 2 a week if that. There is so much strong evidence that CBD oil helps, but you know what? If big pharma can’t profit from it…. they are going to make things difficult. For anyone who wants to learn more about how the government took away this wonderful plant from people yet patented it’s medicinal benefits (hypocrisy at it’s finest) – watch the series “The Sacred Plant”. Very informative! We are allowed to jump out of a plane and hope the chute opens, yet we are not allowed to use the safest and most beneficial plant on the planet? People are suffering and dying unnecessarily. Taking away people’s right choose a plant which has been given to us all through God’s pharmacy is absolutely premeditated murder. 🙁

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